Semi-fine jewellery reimagined. Using mostly genuine precious metals to create high quality, trend-informed, pieces. Created and curated to be worn for seasons to come. No green fingers and necks.

Google defines "primadonna" as the main female singer in an opera and a very temperamental person with an inflated view of their own talent or importance. Ironic that someone who has earned adoration is also seen as someone who is too proud to deserve it.

What does the world look like when we can adorn, decorate and celebrate ourselves without scrutiny? To embellish without apology.

This is Post Primadonna. Jewellery and accessories for the main character. A delightful range of handmade, curated and created selections. Established 2023, Australia.

It's my ode to me. My ode to you. The one who finds comfort, expression and safety in expressing themselves colourfully. Truthfully. Boldly. Confidently. The one who loves art, aesthetics and finds beauty in all things. The one who doesn't often feel represented.

Fashion is historically used to visually communicate who someone is. But when the retail landscape seeks to homogenise us by reducing personal style to a vicious trend cycle, what room do those who aren't currently represented have to express themselves accurately?


After feeling isolated by the lack of size inclusivity and aesthetic variation in the Australian fashion industry, I was motivated to create a fashion and lifestyle brand that is an expression of my bold, eccentric, maximalist style.

From jewellery to everyday wear, swimwear to evening wear, bags to footwear, Post Primadonna is poised for greatness. It's born from a clear need for a more multi-faceted offering.

From that deep desire to hop online and experience the gift and the ease of buying an amazing outfit because it actually comes in extended sizes, or a showstopping necklace because it actually exists at a reasonable pricepoint.

Post Primadonna is an antidote to one-dimensional style.
It encapsulates everything that excites me about fashion and self-expression, with each collection merging function, form and flavour to deliver something fresh. Our pieces are thoughtfully created and curated with delight.

With love,


With a celebrated and longstanding career in Social Media and Online Entertainment, Lillian Ahenkan (A.K.A FlexMami) is an Australian Media Personality, Radio Presenter @ CADA, Best Selling Author, Award-Winning Influencer*, DJ, Business Woman, TV Presenter, and Professional Opinion Haver.

Known for her distinct personal style and influential impact on Australian social media fashion landscape,
she’s been featured in Vogue, i-D, InStyle, Refinery29, Marie Claire, Elle, Grazia, Pedestrian TV, Man Repeller in addition to being a finalist for Cosmopolitan’s Beauty Influencer of the Year 2018 and the winner of E Online’s People’s Choice Award 2020 for Influencer of The Year.

Flex has been championed by actress and body-positive activist Jameela Jamil as an ‘inspiration’, called the influencer we deserve, the ultimate girl crush, and the fashion icon we need right now. She’s known for her playful, thoughtful, empowering posts that are full of confident, modern wisdom and a powerful message of self-belief.

Crowned Instagram's Young Entrepreneur in 2020, Flex has harnessed her skills by working thoughtfully on her own brands, and consulting some of your favourites. She consulted with Fluff Casual Cosmetics on making their first bronzers for dark skin and her edit with Nasty Gal prioritised fashion for plus-size bodies.